Lifetime Planning

Continuous guidance from one life stage to the next.

Our approach to continuous financial management enables us to function as the center point in your network of service professionals from bankers to lawyers and business advisors. It’s about implementing a fully aligned wealth plan that can help correct costly inefficiencies, manage complexity, and ensure that the individual facets of your wealth are properly connected.


[Your Professional Life]

How do you keep your financial life organized?

During your most active working years, it’s often a question of finding the time to attend to all the details your wealth requires.

We believe that in the same way you built your professional success, you can build your financial success: by surrounding yourself with qualified professionals who share your vision. We work with busy working professionals and entrepreneurs, actively managing and coordinating your financial life so that you don’t have to.

Our team understands how taxes affect cash flow, and this is something we continuously manage for our clients. More broadly, we design and implement a financial framework to help keep all components of your wealth perpetually aligned.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive planning for entrepreneurs looking to plan and preserve their wealth

  • Helping professional owners like attorneys, engineers and physicians to structure and plan their wealth for the long term

  • Working with executives to align deferred compensation and other assets into a clear wealth strategy

  • Managing investment strategies with specific parameters and timelines for each of your near, intermediate and long-term goals


[A New Life Stage]

What are you working towards?

For many, the transition that occurs later in your career is not an abrupt move into retirement. It’s about shifting from a very active professional life to another equally active life stage, with new opportunities and a different balance of priorities.

As this evolution takes place, we systematically design and implement the strategies to accommodate it – whether you’re considering reducing your role in your business, or taking on new challenges in your personal or professional life. We actively coordinate your financial life, while anticipating the myriad of ways it may evolve over time.

Our services include:

  • Designing risk-based blended portfolios that allow you to customize cash flow and liquidity according to your unique goals and objectives

  • Implementing tax efficient strategies

  • Coordinating your network of service providers

  • Proactive approach to identifying creative opportunities and implementing solutions to achieve your financial objectives


[Your Family Life]

What are the values that define you and your family?

Family wealth management is deeply personal and unique. We seek not only to design effective estate plans, but also to provide clients the peace of mind that their family’s financial matters will continue to be managed should they become unable to do so themselves.

Our family wealth management approach enables us to bring clarity and structure to complex estate intentions, which may include multigenerational family legacies, illiquid assets and specialized family trusts. We take a comprehensive approach to efficiently and effectively plan and transfer wealth to future generations and charitable interests, while adhering to the core values of the family.

Global execution often involves:

  • Working with the entire family, including your spouse, children and grandchildren, to ensure intentions and goals are understood

  • Designing implementation plans and administrating charitable vehicles

  • Managing family entities such as trusts and investment vehicles

  • Coordinating with your professionals to keep documentation up to date and execute strategies to safeguard family wealth

When we talk about lifetime planning, what we mean is that your life is the focus. We work together to manage the details, so that you can enjoy and navigate life without needless financial complexity.

Matthew T. Theil
Partner, Chief Investment Officer

The balance of life, work and wealth – are you managing it effectively?

Get in touch with our team, and we’ll show you some of the efficiencies and advantages that are possible with a centralized, technology-driven wealth strategy.