The Blake Schutter Theil Experience

Your Personal CFO

As your wealth grows over time, often the result is a level of complexity that requires a network of professionals and financial strategies. Our purpose is to coordinate this network, align your strategies and keep everyone involved on the same page.

We believe that, much like the CFO of a business, the various components of your wealth and the specialists who manage them need to be coordinated from a central point – Blake Schutter Theil Wealth fills that role for your financial life. This approach enables us to serve as personal CFO to our clients.

The Blake Schutter Theil Experience

As your personal CFO, we provide a family office management structure with your family’s core values and goals at its center. We leverage technology and our experienced in-house team to manage your personal financial life.

  • Step 1 – Understanding You

    While it's important for us to understand your financial position and structure, we also need to understand how you got to where you are today, and where it is you want to go. This will help us evaluate and organize what you have.

  • Step 2 – Strategic Design

    We evaluate your full financial picture in light of your goals, family values and potential transitions. We develop a tax-efficient plan that includes asset allocation, estate planning and other financial priorities.

  • Step 3 – Tech Review

    We present our recommended plans, strategies and implementation steps, alongside a number of technology tools that will help you maintain clarity and ease of access to important financial documents.

  • Step 4 – Coordinated Implementation

    We begin the implementation process, which involves outreach to all relevant financial service professionals, within your network as well as ours.

  • Step 5 – Proactive Management

    The team is available at all times to provide insight and guidance through the decision-making process, lead family meetings and coordinate all other financial service providers contributing to the clients’ plans and strategies.

Our Approach to Investing

Of all the various steps and strategies within your overall family wealth plan, your investment portfolio is the most dynamic aspect of your wealth. It is changing daily, driven by multiple factors beyond your control; however it is a critical driver of core objectives and it affects every component of your financial life.

Our approach is to create a disciplined framework that helps ensure your portfolio can adapt to changing needs, while keeping certain pillars in place – like your risk management strategies and long-term family priorities.

We provide an investment management experience that includes

  • A disciplined process to match each individual objective to the appropriate investment vehicle and management strategies

  • Access to a wealth of resources, including some of the country’s leading portfolio managers

  • Risk management expertise to ensure your portfolio aligns with your family’s considerations and tolerances for risk

  • A process to adjust your investments and overall strategies according to new life events or shifting priorities

What is it like to work with a personal CFO

  • Measured
    We are a detail-oriented team with a thorough approach.

  • You-Centered
    You and your family's needs and values are at the center of everything we do.

  • Coordinated
    We communicate with your other advisor and coordinate a network of service providers.

  • Functional
    We manage day-to-day needs and we take action on your behalf.

  • Organized
    We proactively work to keep your financial life organized.

Execution is often an under-delivered component of the advisory relationship, but it’s something that we do very well. We believe that even the best idea is only as valuable as the follow-through.

Edward Blake, CFA, CPA (inactive), CMA, CGMA
Partner, Chief Compliance Officer

The balance of life, work and wealth – are you managing it effectively?

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