Success happens when you surround yourself with the right people, with the right expertise.

We believe this is as true for your financial life as it is for your professional life. Blake Schutter Theil Wealth is a dynamic team, experienced in guiding business owners, professionals and multigenerational families through financial milestones from wealth building to legacy building.


Meet our team.

With CPAs on staff and a wealth management team with decades of experience working together, we’re always finding and executing new opportunities for our clients.

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Continuous financial
life management.

Discover our interactive approach to planning and coordinating your financial life. We are wealth advisors who aspire to act as your personal CFO.

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Experience a family
office approach.

The Blake Schutter Theil Experience is about implementing complex wealth strategies, while adhering to the core values that define you and your family.

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Exclusive Features and Benefits of Blake Schutter Theil Wealth

  • Experienced Team

    Our history in the industry goes back to 1986, and for much of that time, various members of our team have been working alongside one another. Not only do we have experience, but we have experience working together. This makes for a very efficient, yet inviting atmosphere at Blake Schutter Theil.

  • Guidance, Not Sales

    As an independent firm, we sell no products and we are under no obligation to any third parties. This means we are completely objective and transparent in the advice we provide and the tactics we use to manage your investments.

  • Technology Tools

    Throughout our client process, we leverage technology that provides real-time data aggregation, and a client portal that organizes, aggregates and provides easy access to all your important documents and information.

  • Innovative Strategies for Owners

    From entity organization to tax preparation, members of our core team have extensive experience in business strategy and the financial considerations of those with a high concentration of illiquid assets.

  • Inclusive Family Wealth Management

    We work to understand your values and intentions, and we often educate the rising generation as part of the legacy planning process, to help provide peace of mind that your intentions will be fulfilled.

  • Active Plan Management

    Your plan is not a one-time event. It requires implementation, oversight and ongoing coordination – we continuously adjust and refine your plan to keep pace with the ever-changing regulatory landscape and your evolving family life.

The details matter - because when you have a team that's managing everything from credit cards to business transitions, you can pursue your passions knowing your family’s financial framework is in place.

Mark Schutter, CPA
Partner, President

The balance of life, work and wealth – are you managing it effectively?

Get in touch with our team, and we’ll show you some of the efficiencies and advantages that are possible with a centralized, technology-driven wealth strategy.